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We will do domestic sales of products we have looked for and requested by overseas network.

Filtering system for kitchen

Filtering system for kitchen

There are environmentally friendly filtering system for kitchen, aiming at "no grease, smoke, smell" manufactured in Taiwan where environmental standards have increased.

» EP-2020S DM(PDF 3.07MB)

Label printer

Label printer

Operated in 1999, the number of label printers manufactured in China is No. 1. The introduction of the manufacturer's products.

» Introduction of label printer (PDF 2.9MB)

Label printer compatible tape cartridges

Label printer compatible
tape cartridges

There are compatible tape cartridges for label printers like "Brother", "Epson", "Casio" manufactured by AIMO.
We can deal with various kinds of products.
So there are many kinds, we will correspond from your inquiries from the our inquiry page.

» Introduction of label printer compatible tape cartridges (PDF 1.2 MB)

Smart screen keyboard

Smart screen keyboard

It is an introduction of smart screen keyboard which can be customized at your home. It's that market attention is getting higher.

» Introduction of Smart Screen Keyboard (PDF 1.6MB)

» User Guide (PDF 1.3MB)

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Household karaoke equipment K2

Household karaoke equipment K2

Home karaoke sound comparable to high end sound

» Introduction of K2(1.26MB)

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